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Captain Angel Daniels
19 April 2009 @ 07:45 pm
Hope you have a very happy birthday! I cannot wait for mine as I will be getting the ipod touch for my birthday from my mum and dad.

Thanks and have a great one!

Captain Angel Daniels

Which Member of Torchwood are you?
Captain Jack Harkness Confident, ballsy and always ready for action, you're a born hero through and through. Though it seems like you've got all the time in the world, lazing about and quiet nights in are not your idea of fun! Your practised flirting skills make you the object of many people's affections, and you never find yourself without a date. You're the life and soul of any party, and you have a tale to tell for any occasion. Yet despite your charm and dazzling smile, there's sadness and the weight of responsibility, too. Don't let the pressure or problems from your past keep you awake at night.
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Captain Angel Daniels
15 March 2009 @ 11:52 am
Im going to put my captain aim to the test today by playing gun games. I'm also a hand at playing Guitar Hero! Could you imagine Captain Jack Harkness playing Guitar Hero at Torchwood.

Oh! sorry I'm the captain what am I on about?

Anyway Thanks Love 'The Captain'
Captain Angel Daniels
14 March 2009 @ 09:48 pm

Going to boss land tonight. I've got my vortex manipulator and will be watching torchwood.  if anyone needs a Captain to help sort out your problem.

Leave the captain a message on her Journal and she will get back to you.  this is an automated service as she is at college until she leaves.
she starts college at

Monday Day off
Tuesday 9.00-3.00
Wednesday 9.00-2.00 until furthur notice by lecturer will be 9.00 - 1.00
Thursday 9.00 - 1.00
Friday Day off

Saturday (depends if im avaliable)
Sunday (depends if im avaliable )

Saturday, Sunday,Monday,Friday
Captain Angel Daniels

Captain Angel Daniels

Gay? Bisexual? Omnisexual? (Wonder if she shags aliens? Yeah of course she does).

Human? Not sure, she looks human but then so do many aliens probably do. But she seems to be ... immortal? Is that possible, even in Torchwood’s bizarre world? She certainly recovers from injuries quickly and her skin heals remarkably efficiently.

But let’s look at the facts. Torchwood has evidence, written and photographic, of her across the last 170-odd years. There’s a rumour that she was on Ellis Island around 1892. And got shot. That appears to have piped the interest of Torchwood generally, as she started making her way to the UK often asking about ‘the Doctor’, Torchwood’s number one enemy according to Queen Victoria’s proclamation.

Whoever the Doctor was, Angel appeared to be looking for him and, by having her followed, and Emily Holroyd’s team found her dead on the streets of grange town after a bar brawl. They took her back to the hub where she revived, so they shot her, electrocuted her, drowned her... and she still survived. They took her on a freelance basis, and over the next few years she did a number of jobs for them. Then there were periods where she would disappear completely. She got married at least once in the early 1900’s (poor man, the groom of Daniels, whoever he was, doesn’t seem to warrant many mentions in Torchwood’s archives.) 

She was seen in Lahore in 1909, captaining a troop of British soldiers when they killed a local girl. Angel was the only survivor a while later when the soldiers were asphyxiated aboard a train, during the Great War, she was known to have been the only one of her regiment to survive a mustard-gas attack.

After returning to the UK, she spent some of the early 1930’s travelling the country as part of a circus troupe, performing as ‘The woman who couldn’t die’. There is confusion as to her whereabouts during the Second World War. She is on public record as having been attached to the Royal Air Force as a Group Captain for 133 Squadron during the London Blitz and then disappearing. However Angel Daniels was reported MIA on 4th January 1941 after 133 Squadron engaged the enemy- and she was allegedly in Cardiff that night at a dancehall- how was she in Cardiff and London simultaneously? Clone? Mistaken Identity? Twin?

Post –war years is sketchy at best, but certainly based around Cardiff. One Torchwood operative charged with observing her commented that she seemed to stay in Cardiff because she was waiting for something and she certainly seemed familiar with the Rift.

Towards the end of the century, she joined Torchwood full time  and, after the death of Alex Hopkins, took over running Torchwood Three, bringing in a new team to replace those Hopkins allegedly slaughtered during his crazy mood swings on new year’s eve 1999. Amongst those she recruited over the last decade have been Owen Harper, Suzie Costello, Toshiko Sato, Gwen Cooper, and Ianto Jones and currently recruited this year Sal Lapsley.

She was rumoured to be aboard the UNIT ship Valiant when President Winters and Prime Minister Saxon was ‘lost’, and that’s certainly possible as air ticket evidence proves that she wasn’t travelling with the rest of Torchwood to Tibet during that period.

Whatever Daniels is, she’s an enigma. I’m going to have fun getting to the bottom of her story....



Current Location: Torchwood 3 Cardiff
Captain Angel Daniels
10 March 2009 @ 08:25 am
When you're stuck in a boring class or meeting, what's your favorite way to keep yourself entertained (or at least from falling asleep)?
I tend to think about my favourite T.V Shows which are Torchwood and Doctor Who. Sometimes I end up having a quote from either Captain Jack Harkness or from one of the team from one of my episodes I watched the night before and laugh silently of course. Sometimes the quote would be the answer to the question my teacher is asking....

Thats if she/he arrives though. When the teacher is not looking I usually listen to my ipod and indulge in my Torchwood and Doctor Who fantasy. or text my friends.
Captain Angel Daniels
25 September 2008 @ 01:26 pm

No College This WEEK!
NO college this week!
Lecturer is ill

Makes Me Mum mad after all these arrangements she made this week and she ends up having to look after me.
So just me in me room listening to me ipod when i should be at college!!!!
So just me and ze laptop reading these factionfiction and me brain with comments.!
Captain Angel Daniels
12 September 2008 @ 03:19 pm

Current Mood: hyperhyper
Captain Angel Daniels
22 August 2008 @ 05:01 pm
What creature would your ideal electronic pet resemble? Would it resemble any? What would it look like?
 Well it would be about 18 inches high..... Looks a bit like a pepperpot on wheels with a eyestalk, this would be mostly the scariest thing, I would have to use as an electronic pet because nothing could prepare ya for the word 'exterminate' otherwise known as a Dalek

Or my other pet would be .....

A tin dog on wheels with a laser in its nose and has the tardis basecode inside his electronic circuit.
Current Music: KT Tunstall - Big Black Horse & the Cherry Tree
Captain Angel Daniels
19 August 2008 @ 01:24 pm
If you could invent one thing and make it a reality, what would it be? Why?
 I would invent a Vortex Manipulator! because this would be able to travel with youself easily by being a wrist strap on your arm!
Current Mood: Invent